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7 Day Wedding Countdown Checklist

Prints at half page size.


Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner

My Keepsake Wedding Planner includes Timeline Checklist Planner, 
wedding party worksheets, planner organizer, wedding party 
dinner planner and 30 other templates and checklists.

This full color 141 page wedding planner guides you through the wedding planning process and all associated events from engagement to the honeymoon.


Engagement keepsake record, Wedding Planner, Wedding Night Planner, Honeymoon Planner, Journal and Memory Book Scrapbook for Photo and Flower Press Placements, Signature page and the ever popular His and Her Favorite Things section ideal for gift giving.

The engagement to wedding organizers help you to keep track of all events up to the wedding, wedding night and honeymoon in timeline and checklist format. 

Keep up with planning details and follow ups in a timely fashion. Keep records of important dates, order numbers, receipts, wedding party and vendor contact information

It is suggested that you use this stationary when meeting with photographers, caterers, videographer, DJ’s, rental and lease agents and the wedding party for rehearsals and other important meetings. 

Worksheets help you record important instructions when delegating responsibilities and errands to wedding party, wedding planner and vendors as well as communiqués to the wedding Officiant.

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner Contents:
  • Step by Step Wedding Planning Tutorial
    Timeline Wedding Planner Organizer with Checklist
  • Wedding Budget Calculator
  • Master of Ceremonies Wedding Party Intro Worksheet
  • Honeymoon Planner Checklist
  • Reception Table Seating Worksheets
  • Reception Hall Location Sheet
  • Wedding Party Roster and Worksheet
  • Wedding Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Bridal Party Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Grooms Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Groomsmen Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Cake Shopping Worksheet
  • Flowers, Bouquets Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Caterer Evaluation Form
  • Ceremony Music Form
  • Wedding Photographer Evaluation Form
  • DJ - Band - MC Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Day Transportation Record
  • Reception Hall Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Reception Dinner Organizer
  • Rental Equipment Record
  • Wedding Gifts - Registration Record
  • Wedding Rings Record
  • Lingerie Shopping Record
  • Romantic Wedding Night Organizer
  • Wedding Party Gift Ideas Organizer
  • Accommodations Records for Out-of-Towners
  • Rehearsal Dinner Planner 
  • Guest Book Template

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