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Planning Your Wedding Night - On your wedding night your wedding ceremony and reception has passed and your ready to relax and celebrate with a romantic interlude with your husband. How do you focus only on him after such an event filled day?
Planning A Romantic Wedding Night

You should have a wedding night check list that includes preparing the hotel room, packing, accessories  personals and lingerie. 

Wedding Night Packing Check List

_____ Bathing suit
_____ Blow Dryer
_____ Champaign
_____ Camera, Film and Batteries
_____ Cash for tips
_____ CD (Music)
_____ Clothing (Casual dress and semi-formal)
_____ Clothesline, Clothespin
_____ Contact Lens Solution & Eye Drops
_____ Credit Cards/Debit Cards
_____ First aid kit
_____ Hair care products
_____ Hats
_____ Intimate aides
_____ Itinerary
_____ Locks for luggage and keys
_____ Luggage tags (personal and airline standard)
_____ Prescriptions and Medications Aspirin
_____ Sandals
_____ Shoes (Casual dress and formal)
_____ Sleepwear
_____ Sunscreen
_____ Toiletries
_____ Travel Alarm Clock
_____ Travel iron or steamer
_____ Walking shoes
_____ Sweaters/Jackets
_____ Umbrella
_____ Allergy List
_____ Emergency Info


If you have in your mind the ideal wedding night, fine. But remember to avoid comparing ideals with reality. Keep your expectations realistic and do not get too wrapped up in trying to have the "perfect" wedding night. 

Expect some foibles along the way and while holding him to necessary standards of intimacy  be reasonably forgiving and overlook minor misunderstandings.

When a woman loses her virginity, there may be some bleeding and some initial discomfort.  Like an acquired taste overtime and even on the wedding night you may experience deep satisfaction and pleasure. 

To increase your enjoyment avoid being  ritualistic or leaving all the caressing, play and exploration to him.  Ask him what he likes. Turn on the CD player and play your favorite mood music. Light  candles and incense . Some start off with a muscle message using oil/lubricant. This can easily go into foreplay.   Penetration will follow naturally. 

Sometimes the difference between enjoyment and discomfort is being too dry. Use plenty of lubricant.  Bring a towel to bed if you're self-conscious about leaving stains on the sheets. 

In order to enjoy your husband to the full he must be fully relaxed and free to be himself.  If you both have a history of enjoying  a good pillow fight or tickling go for it.  

Try to compensate for little things that do not fit into your fantasy wedding night. Keep your sense of humor, but don't over do it. A joke book can do much to relax a tense moment. Steer clear of  jokes regarding size and performance. Above all expect the unexpected. Enjoy the surprises. 

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For a more complete list download your copy of Fimark's My Wedding Planner & Timeline Organizer Tool or get the book Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner.

The key to focusing on your loved one come the night of your wedding is all about good planning months in advance. To that end consider these brief tips to enjoying a relaxing wedding night.

Before the wedding take time to find out the little things your husband to be likes to have handy. His favorite drink, snack, toy, DVD, gadget, etc. Pack it and bring it along.

Wedding night lingerie, his favorite perfume, a drink or two and the right music can really help the mood.  A card from you to him and a few words about how you feel about him and your future together can warm up the evening.

Simplify, simplify, simplify. To many details will remove you or him from the picture and enjoying the moment may be difficult. Remember many of the things that endeared you to him were the unexpected. Leave plenty of room for that on your wedding night.


Your expressions of love will well up in his heart and leave him more inclined to make you his focus on your wedding night. That said the best planning for your wedding night is that which will leave you stress free, refreshed and ready to give all your love to him. 

Purchasing Lingerie

Honeymoon Planner

Honeymoon Cruise

For more tips download Fimark's  My Wedding Planner or get the book Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner.



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