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Planning a Romantic Honey Moon - When planning a romantic honeymoon most wives like to focus on the evening/morning romantic interlude. And that means wearing something intimate. How far should you go? 
Preparing a Romantic Interlude

People have different ways of defining what's romantic and what isn't. In addition there are no rules as to what is a desirable romantic interchange between husband and wife. What's most important is to avoid merely acting out the others romantic ideals such as those found in romance novels. Still it may be helpful to understand your own role in a romantic interchange. To that end the  Honeymoon Planner  may come in handy.

There may be many romantic interludes one might enjoy that would have deep meaning and be quite memorable. But the greater joy in marital romance are those moments that are unexpected, unanticipated and surprising. Proving that there are inumerable amorous moments that remain to be discovered. 

So although you are preparing for a night of romantic bliss be careful not to set your standard or ideals to high. Let him be himself and allow his feeling to flow at will. 

One common setting is a quite evening in the hotel room or honeymoon suit.

What To Wear
Naturally you want this moment to be special and the height of loving intimacy. You've ordered dinner with wine, fruit, chocolates or a favorite desert. After  freshening up you might wish to cuddle in a modest lacey lingerie garment, cotton tees or silk nighty gown or teddy. 

Lingerie is a term, derived from the French language, for women's undergarments. Lingerie need not be some skimpy costume designed to make him think he is in a brothel. 

Nor need it be an escape into some strange sexual fantasy world where neither you or he are real.  Looking for the right style and fit? Use the  Honeymoon Planner  

Often some consider intimacy to be something of a competitive sport where they must prove themselves a worthy romantic partner in comparison to some supposed ideal. When all is done, however, a wife wants her husband to have shown how precious she is to him.  She may wish to communicate that although she does enjoy love play, she is not at all a plaything but a valued partner in life. The kind of lingerie you choose to wear sends that message.

Lingerie can compliment your figure while allowing you to express your desire for close intimacy with your husband. That said lingerie can be both attractive, comfortable and allow the real you to show thru.

 Looking for the right style and fit? Use the  Honeymoon Planner  

Bridal Gifts
Want to know what the bride to be would like as a gift? "My Wedding Planner" features a Gift Registry  available for all brides to be. 

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