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How To Create Your Wedding Guest List

Your next task would be choosing the guest. How do you decide who to invite? How do you narrow down your guest list? Your budget ultimately determines who you will or will not invite. Still it is good to gather your list together first. 

The first to add to your wedding guest list are the immediate family. 

Next are family members such as Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins who are truly a part of your life. 

Next are those who are like family to you. When listing close friends remember to include their spouses.  

Now consider all those left who share your life, bring you happiness, and will continue to do so beyond this one day. These include
close neighbors, coworkers who have been supportive and important aid to your livelihood.

After estimating your total consider if it would be reasonable to add other possible invitees to your guest list. If it seems reasonable and feasible it's time to go back to the past and think of those who made a positive impact on your life for the good. These may include mentors such as teacher and coaches. Also those who may have saved your life in one way or another such as doctors and counselors. You'll also want to add business relations who still keep in touch. 

It seems that most have one or two friends or family members who are likely to do or say something that will cause an embarrassing situation. Those who are likely to create a scene are usually not overlooked when preparing the guest list, they just aren't invited. Still if you have a strong emotional attachment to this person it is understandable if you find it difficult to bar them from your wedding.  

Ask yourself:   What is the nature and cause of the strained relationship? Who are all involved? Is the person getting the help needed? What progress have they made? Can the tension be relieved, the distance be bridged and the wounds healed between the two of you before the wedding? If so why not start trying now. Delegate the task to a family member who has proved an experienced and successful mediator. Do not try to take on the task alone. You'll need someone to keep you from being distracted from wedding planning and preparations.  Once good relations are established before the wedding you'll likely want them to attend. 

Once your guest list is complete now it's time to consider who  you can afford to invite. If there is a need to cut folks out start from the end of the list and work your way up.  Your next step is to start
Planning Wedding Budget

So Many Friends and Relatives! 
The longer the list the higher the expense. How to get most if not all to share in your wedding day.Who To Invite?

Brides Maids and Groomsmen
When putting together your choice of brides maids and groomsmen you may wish your wedding party could be twice it's size. Fear not, there is way to go about the selection while giving  others  a major part in the wedding program. Choosing The Bridal Party

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Download these invitations along with the complete Wedding Planner.
Keep track of everything from gown selections, sizes, decor, cakes, reception halls, vendors, caterers, budget costs, guest roster and more.

Know how much your wedding will cost? Establish a budget using the wedding budget planner. Finding the budget planner, organizing tools and event management worksheets in Fimark's Wedding Planner & Timeline Organizer Software

Want to know what the bride to be would like as a gift? "My Wedding Planner" features a gift registry  available for all brides to be. 

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