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The tradition of wearing a band on the third finger started with the ancient Greeks  who thought a vein linked that finger directly to the heart. Later it came to mean a legal and binding agreement or commitment between two people.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Most wedding bands come in gold or platinum. Both metals can both be brushed or polished. Brushed gold or  platinum bands provide a soft warm  look, while polished precious metals have a more traditional look. 

It's best to match to style of wedding bands with the bride's engagement ring. Gold wedding bands are the  rings of choice. Even though the precious metal is most commonly chose there is nothing common about the band at all. Gold bands come in literally thousands of styles and colors. 
  • Yellow gold wedding bands
  • White gold wedding bands
  • Rose gold wedding bands

Dark skin tones are a perfect backdrop for yellow gold wedding rings. 

Lighter skin tones are complimented by platinum or white gold. White gold and platinum wedding bands may look similar, but they normally cost less.

Gold is often mixed with other metals such as nickel zinc or copper to add strength and durability.  

You can tell how much gold a piece of jewelry contains by looking at how many karats it has. A karat weight increases price, color vibrancy, and purity. As price increases durability decreases.

  • 24K gold wedding bands: Pure

  • 24-karat (24K) gold has a rich color, but can bend with daily wear.    

  • 18K gold wedding bands: 18-karat (18K) gold is 75-percent pure and offers more durability than 24K.

  • 14K gold wedding bands: Couples often choose sturdy 14-karat (14K) gold wedding bands for their durability and lower cost

Platinum Wedding Bands
A highly durable precious metal, platinum wedding bands are in high demand. 


Aside from its durability it is a rather dense precious metal. For that reason it is more expensive then gold. And no wonder, platinum weighs 60 percent more than gold, and is therefore more difficult to bend or break. That said it is much more resistant to damage compared to other metals.


Cost of Wedding Rings 


Wedding rings can cost as little as $50 to $15,000 or more. The key is having the time to shop around and find the ring(s) you like. Here are some shopping tips.

1. Shop for clearances
2. Shop seasonally when June bride wedding rings are on sales
3. Shop second hand stores
4. Some stores will offer discounts on jewelry trades.
5. Look for sales online. You'll always find the best bargains in the online marketplace.

Finding sales on wedding jewelry

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Bridal Party Gift Ideas
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