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To be asked for your hand in marriage can be heart stopping not to mention a real breath taker. It is perhaps the most intimate expression of friendship, love and promise two individuals can share together. 

We hope you and your soul mate will enjoy the many new expressions of love that lay  ahead. To help you get prepared for your new role as Bride-to-be you'll want to be both informed and prepared. Planning, organizing and managing your wedding day is one of the most enjoyable event planning experiences you will ever have. 

Now it's time to tell the world you are engaged. It's time to start making plans to share your joy and your wedding day with friends, relatives and acquaintances. It is customary for the parents of the bride to enter engagement announcements wedding date. If your parents aren't as computer savvy as you are why not help them along by announcing your engagement and wedding day here.

Take time to put your courtship, engagement and wedding memories in words and pictures. One very popular way to begin recording memories is scrapbooking. Start collecting photos, buttons, ribbons and other keepsakes in a scrapbook memory box. Do you have something from your first date or that visit to the parents? What about your first movie, concert or sport event?  Now is the time to find keepsakes that will take you both back down memory lane years from now and reminisce about the things that brought you together and then scrapbook it. 

Use this time to get to understand your fiancé better. What are his standards for living? Who is his mentor?  What guiding principles do you both live by? What is his taste in literature, art, charitable causes, sports, etc.  What is his favorite color? What kind of food does he like. How does he prefer it prepared? What is his favorite beverage, desert, etc.? As with any friend show him you know him well when presenting him with an occasional gift. That said we wish to inspire you to make the most of these months of planning for your wedding day.  

At this point you should have at least three factors established; Your wedding day, the time, your maid of honor, his best man and the person you wish to officiate.
Record this information in your wedding planner organizer. If you do not yet have an organizer we suggest you download the software here

Your next step is to visit the page regarding Legalities and Licenses

So Many Friends and Relatives! 

The longer the list the higher the expense. How to get most if not all to share in your wedding day.
Who To Invite?

Preparing For The Big Day

If your looking for wedding ideas or are ready to start planning, organizing your wedding has never been easier.

Start your wedding planning, organizing and management as early as possible. Preparation for that very special day include numerous activities, from gathering your bridal party to sending invitations to organizing the reception. 

This wedding planning resource is designed to help you have a more  memorable wedding day while entering your marriage a bit more refreshed and focused on your loved one. 

It is suggested that you start on the right column and read thru each linked section printing out the pages as needed. How much will it cost? That's entirely up to you. Remember to give priority to the Wedding Budget section. You'll find even more assistance with planning budgeting and organizing your wedding using Fimark's My Wedding Planner Software. Compatible with MS Word 2000-2007.

Want others to know what the bride to be would like as a gift? Locate stores with gift registries that can be lookeup online at Fimark's Gift Registry Center.

Making Your Wedding A Most Memorable Occasion

The key to making your wedding meaningful and memorable is all in the planning itself. This is a time to explore yourself. Principles and traditions that are important to you. An opportunity to express the depth of your love and trust in your husband to be. 

Your wedding takes on special meaning when you surround yourself with your most precious relationships. Besides the husband to be you'll want to keep close contact with family and best friends. 

Brides Maids and Groomsmen

When putting together your choice of brides maids and groomsmen you may wish your wedding party could be twice it's size. Fear not, there is way to go about the selection while giving  others  a major part in the wedding program. Read
Choosing Your Wedding Party

While making your wedding plans and  considering your honeymoon vacation include some of his likes as well.  Most important, keep your wedding plans focused on the principles that brought you both together. This is an opportunity to establish family identity and traditions to be celebrated for many wedding anniversaries to come.

 Fimark's My Wedding Planner Organizer Software

Includes Timeline Checklist Planner, wedding party worksheets, planner organizer, stationary, wedding party dinner planner,  invitations, thank you cards and 20 other templates.


Fimark's My Wedding Planner Contents:
  • Step by Step Wedding Planning Tutorial
    Timeline Wedding Planner Organizer with Checklist
  • Wedding Budget Calculator
  • Reception Hall Location Sheet
  • Wedding Party Roster and Worksheet
  • Wedding Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Bridal Party Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Grooms Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Groomsmen Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Cake Shopping Worksheet
  • Flowers, Bouquets Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Caterer Evaluation Form
  • Ceremony Music Form
  • Wedding Photographer Evaluation Form
  • DJ - Band - MC Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Day Transportation Record
  • Reception Hall Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Reception Dinner Organizer
  • Rental Equipment Record
  • Wedding Correspondence Stationary
  • Wedding Gifts - Registration Record
  • Wedding Rings Record
  • Lingerie Shopping Record
  • Romantic Wedding Night Organizer
  • Wedding Party Gift Ideas Organizer
  • Accommodations Records for Out-of-Towners
  • Rehearsal Dinner Planner 
  • Guest Book Template

    Instructions: Included templates, organizers and planner is designed to be completed after printing and insertion in standard loose-leaf binder. 

The My Wedding Planner Software is available for immediate download.

The organizers help you to keep track of all events in timeline fashion, The planners help you keep up with planning details and follow ups in a timely fashion. The records help you keep records of dates, order numbers, receipts, vendor names, phone numbers and addresses. 

While the It is suggested that you print and use this stationary when meeting with photographers, caterers, videographer, DJ’s, rental and lease agents and the wedding party for rehearsals and other important meetings. 

Also use the stationary for recording important instructions when delegating responsibilities and errands as well as communiqués to the wedding Officiant.

When using the Wedding Planner stationary for communications you should add your current phone number, address and email and cell phone number to your wedding notes stationary immediately after download and then save. 

Remember to save files after filling in each page.
It is recommended that you make copies of the software for safe keeping.

You can add replacement pages simply by highlighting text on the page you wish to print. Select the print option screen and choose “selection” under the “Print Range” column. You may then print the page needed

Fimark's  Award Winning My Wedding Planner Software
Free Shipping When Using Google Checkout

System Requirements: Desktop, Palm, Pocket PC,  PDA or Laptop running on Windows  98/ME/NT/2000/XP  -
16 MB RAM minimum
2 MB of free hard disk space 
The file size is approximately 1 MB
800x600 minimum (1024x768 recommended) 
Templates requires Microsoft WordPad or Microsoft  Word.    

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner

This full color page book guides you through the wedding planning process and all associated events
 from engagement to
the honeymoon.

Complete with Timeline planning
guide checklists
and associated worksheets.


Wedding Night Planner
Honeymoon Planner
Journal and Memory Book
Scrapbook Photo and Flower Press Placements Signature His and Her Favorite Things section.

...Getting Excited?

 Just $29.00 

Author Mark Askew and his wife co-author, Brenda Marie have been wed for over thirty years. There's no question what inspired them to write Fimark's My Wedding Planner. Mark says, "If I am not officiating the wedding ceremony, Brenda and I are helping couples plan the reception and months afterward we share our experience about the many joys that come from making marriage work." Read more...

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