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Bridal Party: Attendants that are part of the wedding ceremony such as Maid of Honor, Best Man, groomsmen and bridesmaids.   
When putting together your choice of brides- maids and groomsmen you may wish your wedding party could be twice it's size. Fear not, there is way to go about making the selection while allowing others to play a part in the wedding program. 

Maid of Honor Best Man

Maid of Honor
The term "maid of honour" originally referred to the female attendant of a queen. The Maid of Honor is the title and position held by the bride's chief attendant, typically her closest friend or sister. If married, the title Matron of Honor is used. 
  • Assisting the bride with her dress and makeup.
  • Being the messenger if the bride wants to communicate sight-unseen with the family or groom.
  • Visiting the reception room to check on the details.
  • Helping to make sure the bride has privacy before the ceremony if desired.

Best Man
the chief male assistant to the bridegroom at a wedding.

  • Possibly helping plan or organize some details of the wedding
  • Assisting with wedding-day logistics and unforeseen circumstances that arise
  • Assisting the groom on the morning of wedding day
  • Getting the groom to the wedding on time
  • Supervising the groomsmen or ushers

Your closest friends and loved ones. Provides opinions on design and decor when asked. Helps pride shop for her dress and accessories. Goes with bride to register her for wedding gifts. Assists with addressing invitations parties in honor of the bride.

The groomsman or usher is one of the (usually) male attendants to the bridegroom in a wedding ceremony. He aids with any wedding planning details he can, and helps greet and seat guests at the wedding. 

Given the functions associated with the wedding ceremony and all planning and organizing leading to the event select individuals who have the maturity and organizational skills to assist. 

At the same time get all other friends and loved ones involved in the preparation process having them assist the Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Preparing The Bridal Party For The Big Day

Each member of your wedding party should have a schedule of events and times for the weekend of the wedding. 

Your schedule should layout where attendants should be and at what time. Plus, it should also give other helpful information - like who to call in case there is a problem of any kind, and any maps that may be necessary.


Providing Meals
making sure everyone eats a well balanced meal is essential to the  smooth functioning of the day. When bellies are full folks are happier and easier to get along with. Others are less apt to forget. For obvious reasons it is best to avoid consuming alcohol prior to the reception dinner. 

Have breakfast catered for the entire party the morning of the wedding. If your wedding is scheduled in the afternoon have lunch catered as well. Lunch should be consumed and removed long before it's time to get dressed.

Your wedding party should make arrangements with other invitees to get access to their cars after the reception.

So Many Friends and Relatives! 
The longer the list the higher the expense. How to get most if not all to share in your wedding day.
Who To Invite?

Wedding Planner & Timeline Organizer Software

 Fimark's My Wedding Planner Organizer Software

My Wedding Planner software includes Timeline Checklist Planner, wedding party worksheets, planner organizer, stationary, wedding party dinner planner,  invitations, thank you cards and 20 other templates.


Fimark's My Wedding Planner Contents:
  • Step by Step Wedding Planning Tutorial
    Timeline Wedding Planner Organizer with Checklist
  • Wedding Budget Calculator
  • Master of Ceremonies Wedding Party Intro Worksheet
  • Honeymoon Planner Checklist
  • Seating Worksheets
  • Reception Hall Location Sheet
  • Wedding Party Roster and Worksheet
  • Wedding Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Bridal Party Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Grooms Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Groomsmen Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Cake Shopping Worksheet
  • Flowers, Bouquets Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Caterer Evaluation Form
  • Ceremony Music Form
  • Wedding Photographer Evaluation Form
  • DJ - Band - MC Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Day Transportation Record
  • Reception Hall Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Reception Dinner Organizer
  • Rental Equipment Record
  • Wedding Correspondence Stationary
  • Wedding Gifts - Registration Record
  • Wedding Rings Record
  • Lingerie Shopping Record
  • Romantic Wedding Night Organizer
  • Wedding Party Gift Ideas Organizer
  • Accommodations Records for Out-of-Towners
  • Rehearsal Dinner Planner 
  • Guest Book Template

The My Wedding Planner Software is available for immediate download.

The organizers help you to keep track of all events in timeline fashion, The planners help you keep up with planning details and follow ups in a timely fashion. The records help you keep records of dates, order numbers, receipts, vendor names, phone numbers and addresses. 

While the It is suggested that you print and use this stationary when meeting with photographers, caterers, videographer, DJ’s, rental and lease agents and the wedding party for rehearsals and other important meetings. 

Also use the stationary for recording important instructions when delegating responsibilities and errands as well as communiqués to the wedding Officiant.

When using the Wedding Planner stationary for communications you should add your current phone number, address and email and cell phone number to your wedding notes stationary immediately after download and then save. 

Remember to save files after filling in each page.
It is recommended that you make copies of the software for safe keeping.

You can add replacement pages simply by highlighting text on the page you wish to print. Select the print option screen and choose “selection” under the “Print Range” column. You may then print the page needed

Fimark's  Award Winning My Wedding Planner Software Packages - 
                  Free Shipping When Using Google Checkout

System Requirements: Desktop, Palm, Pocket PC,  PDA or Laptop running Windows  98/ME/NT/2000/XP/XP2/Vista
16 MB RAM minimum
2 MB of free hard disk space 
The file size is approximately 1 MB
800x600 minimum (1024x768 recommended) 
Templates requires Microsoft WordPad,  Microsoft Word or Open Office

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