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Wedding Plan Budget & Checklist

Establishing Your Wedding Plan Budget 

Your fist step is knowing how much wedding your can afford. To do this look over your current living expense budget and savings and factor in the unforeseen such as much needed auto repairs, household maintenance and taxes. 

Establish a wedding budget you and your spouse can live with comfortably. Will any debt be involved? Keep it to a minimum. 

They key to doing this is establishing and sticking to a realistic budget early in the planning stages of your wedding. The checklist on this page provides you with the basic expense items of a modest wedding plan.

Getting Costs and Estimates

Highlight the list in this planner. Copy and Past into note pad. Print it out if you wish. Enter your planned wedding budget on the top of the list, Next to each item leave enough space to enter price costs and store, vendor caterer names. For clothing remember to figure in alterations, pressing and storage costs. 

Comparison Shopping

Where clearances, sales, and special discounts are found write down the store and enter details in your notes such as store to store comparison costs, sale deadlines and expiration dates. 

Choosing Stores and Services

Get recommendations, site reviews and store rating using the online smart consumer review shopping tools available.

Comparing Prices

Remember that getting something cheaper is only half the processes. You want full quality service with no hitches. Read ads carefully and make phone calls.  Ask what's the catch and will you be paying more once the service is contracted.  

Once you satisfied with a price put it in this Budget calculator and move on.

Calculating Wedding Expenses 

Remember to include tax and shipping when ordering products.  As about other costs that may be added in when opting for a service. 

If you are out of budget limits it's time to do some wheeling and dealing. Call other services, look for sales and clearance items.  Ask about out-of-season discounts and volume discounts.

1:    Wedding Gown - Add Pressing, Alterations and
       Storage Costs
2:    Purse
3:    Shoes
4:    Hair - Nails - Facials
5:    Grooms Tux
6:    Wedding Cake
7:    Bouquet
8:    Wedding Hall 
9:    Rental Equipment Wedding Hall
10:  Limo Transportation
11:  Wedding Photographer
12:  Reception Hall
13:  Reception Hall Other
14:  Reception Hall (flowers, candles, favors, )
15:  Rental Equipment Reception Hall  
(lights, tables, chairs, balloon air tank)
16:  Chef - Catering - Drinks - Bar
17:  DJ - Band - MC
18:  Music CD's
19:  Rental Equipment After Party
20:  Correspondence Stationary Initiations  
Thank You cards
21:  Lingerie, Toiletries, Bed and Bath
22:  Luggage
23:  Wedding Night Hotel
24:  Wedding Party Gifts
25:  Rehearsal Dinner
26:  Guest Book - Wedding Scrapbook
27:  ---  Other Expenses ----
28:  Moving and Storage
29:  Honey Moon
30:  Jewelry


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