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Planning Your Wedding Night - On your wedding night your wedding ceremony and reception has passed and your ready to relax and celebrate with a romantic interlude with your husband. How do you focus only on him after such an event filled day?

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner
by Mark Askew and Brenda Askew

This full color page book guides you through the wedding planning process and all associated events from engagement to the wedding night and honeymoon.

Complete with Timeline planning guide checklists
and associated worksheets.

Also Includes:

Wedding Night Planner
Honeymoon Planner
Journal and Memory Book Scrapbook Photo and Flower Press
Signature His and Her Favorite Things section.

...Getting Excited?

Author Mark Askew and his wife co-author, Brenda Marie have been wed for over thirty years. There's no question what inspired them to write Fimark's My Wedding Planner. Mark says, "If I am not officiating the wedding ceremony, Brenda and I are helping couples plan the reception and months afterward we share our experience about the many joys that come from making marriage work."  

But "Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner" is not just a wedding planner and organizer. It's more. The keepsake features and bonding activities that help draw you and your partner closer together after the honeymoon is a special feature of this book.

The book also includes the following:

Fimark's My Keepsake Wedding Planner Contents:
  • Step by Step Wedding Planning Tutorial
    Timeline Wedding Planner Organizer with Checklist
  • Wedding Budget Calculator
  • Master of Ceremonies Wedding Party Intro Worksheet
  • Honeymoon Planner Checklist
  • Reception Table Seating Worksheets
  • Reception Hall Location Sheet
  • Wedding Party Roster and Worksheet
  • Wedding Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Bridal Party Gown Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Grooms Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Groomsmen Tux Window and Catalog Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Cake Shopping Worksheet


  • Flowers, Bouquets Shopping Worksheet
  • Wedding Caterer Evaluation Form
  • Ceremony Music Form
  • Wedding Photographer Evaluation Form
  • DJ - Band - MC Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Day Transportation Record
  • Reception Hall Evaluation Form
  • Wedding Reception Dinner Organizer
  • Rental Equipment Record
  • Wedding Correspondence Stationary
  • Wedding Gifts - Registration Record
  • Wedding Rings Record
  • Lingerie Shopping Record
  • Romantic Wedding Night Organizer
  • Wedding Party Gift Ideas Organizer
  • Accommodations Records for Out-of-Towners
  • Rehearsal Dinner Planner 
  • Guest Book Template


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